Concierge Primary Care

Want to have a pain management doctor by your side at all times to confirm you have the best available care?

Look no further than our own Concierge Primary Care in St. Peters. A Concierge Physician is someone who is with you at all times, however often you would like, at no additional costs. Think of it like having a doctor in your back pocket. With Concierge care comes many great benefits, including but not limited to: having a doctor with you as often as you want, building a health program and working it with your doctors approval, consistent therapy and health care available to you at no additional cost.


Concierge Primary Care has been around for decades but has mostly been utilized by the ‘wealthy’. While this used to be the case, it’s no longer such. Sometimes at even a lower cost than your Cable Television channels, you can get a doctor by your side all month, every month, and have it be affordable by many if not most people out there.


Come check out our Concierge Primary Care, and let us build a program for you!

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Your health is more than a once in a while check up. Your health is a day in and day out regime that enables you to become the best version of you you can be. Contact us now for more information regarding our Concierge Primary Care.