Abid Nisar, M.D.

Dr. Nisar obtained his M.D. from Dow Medical University in Karachi, Pakistan in 1976.  Dr. Nisar has completed a plethora of terms at various top known facilities and hospitals such as SLU Hospital and was a Clinical Instructor at Washington University Medical Center.   He specializes in Primary Care and Pain Management and possesses over 44 years experience in Internal Medicine.  Dr. Nisar also holds his license for MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment) for substance abuse medicine. Dr. Nisar is a highly respected and very well known medical professional who’s heart aligns directly with our mission here at Heritage Wellness Clinic. He is well trained and is dedicated to learning and excellence.  Although most of his time is spent in a clinical setting, he enjoys spending time with his family, listening to good music and playing golf.

Khaled Hassan, M.D.

Dr. Hassan obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in both Internal Medicine and Surgery and achieved “Excellent Performance” in completing his internship at Dhaka Medical College in 1993.  He picked up right where he left off by becoming “Chief Resident” at Forest Park Hospital, where he completed his residency in Internal Medicine and has been serving the Saint Louis community for nearly 30 years.  Dr. Hassan spent four years at the Texas Heart Institute in Houston, where he was also published in the American Heart Association Journal. He is a member of the American College of Physicians, American Medication Association and a plethora of other organizations.  He has worked in a comprehensive Men’s Clinic, served as a medical director for over five years in multiple Saint Louis area nursing homes, helped research and develop in conjunction with AMED (Access Medical Emergent Devices) on a web based EKG, and even holds a DEA X certificate for addiction management.  Dr. Hassan prioritizes staying up-to-date on the latest medical discoveries and treatments, to further benefit his patients.  When not striving to keep his patients happy and healthy, contributing to research publications and giving presentations, he enjoys spending time with his loving family, traveling, reading and watching movies.  He is dedicated to integrity and excellence, has impeccable clinical judgement, and is a highly motivated, team-oriented and compassionate physician who has decades of experience treating patients for a variety of conditions. 


Most Major Insurance Providers and Medicaid/Medicare

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